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The name given to Japanese words, often song lyrics, when mispronounced by English-speakers.

The reverse is true for the word engrish
Person speaking Japperese: "A noo a ni a cani, a noo a ni a calla"

Person speaking Japanese: "Mukuchi na kimi ni, mukuchi na ai de"
by Xang and Cole May 28, 2005
Mispronounced or mis-translated English words which are included in Japanese songs, signs etc. They sound so funny ;)

And the reverse goes for the word Japperese
Gackt's funnyness:

In Engrish: "Siwent naight, howly naight, shehpar krake ah da side"

In English: "Silent night, holy night, shepherds quake at the sight"

And Miyavi's song words:

"How simple eat in get? Don't you?"
by Xang and Cole May 28, 2005
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