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When you're getting head and the chick sneezes jizz on you
Man, my girl was going down on me last night and when I finished she was about to swallow until she mayosneezed and got jizz all over my junk!
by XXyeah_it's_meXX December 03, 2014
After a series of large scale fireworks have been lit up and presented, a rancid smell usually is the product of this entertainment due to the production of fireworks mainly in China. Therefore, it is called the Chinese fart.
Ugh, after the fireworks display there was a massive Chinese fart that everyone could sense.
by XXyeah_it's_meXX July 03, 2011
When a casual hook up becomes questionable because of a possibility of feelings being formed for the other or rather just lack of communication of what the other wants or is looking for, besides sex
I'm in a total lusterfuck. Like he asked me out to a concert and we hooked up a few times but he doesn't talk to me much and I don't know if he likes me or not
by XXyeah_it's_meXX December 02, 2014

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