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what most people call emo isnt actually real!... MTV made emo out to be emotionally disturbed kids who cut there wrists cuz they think there life sucks (and some commit suicide) emo is actually a type of music back before MTV did what it did.... what you think is an emo kid is basicly a scene kid and an emationally disturbed kid mixed.

DEFENITION of a Scene Kid...

...a scene kid is alot like emo kid but different as well... they wear tight jeans tight band shirts or black shirts or other kinda fun shirts like that (almost always tight) and has his hair spiked or styled in some way and over one eye and its usually black (sometimes with oher colors streaked in), sometimes a scene guy(a scene girl would wear it most of the time) would wear eyeliner/black nail polish.... scene kids usualy wear converse/skate shoes or other kind of shoed like that, scene kids sometiems will use a cool/cute frase like rawr, band band band, rad, dandy, or other frases like such..... and MOST IMPORTANT a scene kid is happy and they DO NOT cut there wrists, and they dont hate there lives... and of course all there accessories from hottopic and other stores like that. EXAMPLE: studded bracelet or belt, fishnets(sometimes), there fav band merchandise. scene kids usually listen to music like screamo, metal, the occasional rap/hip hop song, or indie rock, or sometimes rock.

Scene Kid would listen to a band like from first to last, while an emo kid(even though emo is just something MTV made up we will use it for this example) would listen to a band like dashboard confessional, scene kids like more screamo and metal, while emos like more sad and songs about cutting, and heartbreakes.

people think scene kids are emo because there so ignorant of other people, and also most scene kids are not GAY/BI!! even though most people they are it isnt true... they arent lonely and usually have alot of friends because of there nice attitudes.
a scene kid would be like a SO CALLED EMO... just happier...
by XXXscenesterXXX July 23, 2006
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