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1: A pain in the ass system for trying to fix a problem but just leads to more shit wrong with your system then before.

2: A secret underground tunnel full of indians (not feather indians, dot head indians), and mexicans that do not know what the hell they are doing and google your question as you ask it.
Guy 1: My xbox sounds like it is fixing to explode because the fan sounds like a helicopter.
Guy 2: Have you called xbox customer support?
Guy 1: Are you fucking high!??!?! I called and they said there should be a slight noise coming from the fan. They can't get it through there head that it is loud enough to wake up my neighbors.

Dude 2: Did you call xbox customer support.
Dude 1: Yeah. They don't know what the fuck they are doing. They said it should be green not red, and I could have swore he was googling porn in the background.
by X CHAZZ X November 23, 2009
An elusive creature that will disappear for months at a time (usually around the time of a release of something epic) and will reappear as if nothing had ever happened and is able to blend back into society.
Friend 1: Hey where is jake?
Friend 2: I have no clue, he is being a real Jdodd.
(3 months later)
Jake: Hey guys wats up.
Friend 1: Where have u been?
Jake: Exactly...... O.o
by X CHAZZ X March 02, 2010
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