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A car or other form of transport which is being used by one or more attractive women.

As used in the popular British TV Show "The Inbetweeners".
*A car with four attractive women drives past*
Man1: Woah mate look at them!
Man2: Nice! That is one of the best Muff-Wagons I have EVER seen!
by Wye Knott October 02, 2010
The individual person who performs the act of zipestra, which is essentially moving the a zip up and down to create some sort of melody.

Somebody who does zipping.
If you were to take the zip on your flies on your trousers, and proceed to zip up and unzip them to the tune of "Back in Black", then you would be considered a zipper.
by Wye Knott October 02, 2010
The collective group of musicians who use the zips on their flies, coat or something similar to create a piece of music- put simply, it is a zip orchestra- an orchestra which only uses zips to make music. You can also describe the invidual player as a zipper, and describe the art itself also as zipestra.

This idea was first put into practice in England, specifically the region of Suffolk, by a folklore legend known amongst the locals simply as "Mr Green".
If you were to play any sort of tune with a zip, you would technically be zipping and would be described as performing Zipestra.
by Wye Knott October 02, 2010
Somebody who accuses other people of being fanboys over something, and then continues to say something themselves which is considered fanboy-ish.
Fanboy: Windows is rubbish man! Macs are so much better because you never get viruses and you don't kiss Bill Gates' ass!

Fannyboy: Shut up you stupid fanboy! Windows is so much better than crappy Mac, Macs are completely stupid and Windows is so much better because you don't kiss Steve Jobs' ass!

A Person: Wow, you are such a fannyboy, you call other people fanboys then be a fanboy yourself.....
by Wye Knott October 02, 2010
The term 'Zipping' can be used to describe the act of performing Zipestra- which is essentially using a zip on either a coat or your flies or something similar to create some sort of musical tune.
If you were to zip your coat up and down to the tune of "We Will Rock You", you would be 'zipping'.
by Wye Knott October 02, 2010
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