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(1) When applied to a GUY, "Clit Eastwood" references Clint Eastwood's westerns and is used to describe some wimpy ass dude who wears western style clothing and tries to look bad-ass (like a young Clint Eastwood), but fails miserably.

(2) When applied to a WOMAN, "Clit Eastwood" references Clint Eastwood's "Dirty Harry" films and is used to describe a bad-ass female cop.
(1) Some guy came into the bar last night all Clit Eastwood, so I went Bruise Lee on him!

(2) I was with Marvin when he got pulled over for drunk driving. The cop was a blonde chick named Laura. Marvin bad-mouthed her to her face, so she went Clit Eastwood on him, threw him down, cuffed him, and made him eat some dirt before she threw him in the back of her baconmobile. It was cool because Marvin never let me drive his Z06 before then, but he didn't want it impounded, so I drove it home for him (my home). I drove it the whole time he was in jail, until I picked him up! I had offered to be his D.D. (designated driver), but, he stupidly refused -- fun for me!!!
by Wyatt Burp December 01, 2006

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