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The box the penis cums in.
A vagina is the best box possible to rap your penis in.
by Wun Hung Lo December 19, 2005
A vagina that is so hairy and smelly that even bigfoot would be scared to go into that jungle. One that requires the use of a machete just to get access to the juicy split. Eye protection must be worn at all times because a few of the hairs are no longer curly and may poke out your eye(s). Keep all moist surfaces alway due to the high build up of yeast infections. Eat at own risk!
Last night at Northgate, this nasty white girl walked by and the snappy nappy dugout was in full effect because everyone's eyes began to burn and many taught the club was being raided with tear gas.
by Wun Hung Lo December 20, 2005
One who likes to fuck face down in the pillow and ass up in the air. Due to the brutality of the ass plugging, the receiver may be unable to shit for days. The pillow is used to bite on to help numb the pain of the initial thrust. Many who push the pillow will wake up with pillow face and possible dental damage.
Upon further review of x-rays, Dr. Spook came to the conclusion that his patient was a extreme pillow pusher and needed a special mouth piece to prevent further damage to his teeth.
by Wun Hung Lo December 18, 2005
A symbol that translate into a really huge set of tits. These are not c-cup and smaller. These are all d-cup and bigger.
Man check out the ( . )^( . ) tits on that hose-hound!
by Wun Hung Lo December 30, 2005
A women that is dangerous to men and children. Characteristics are red hair, pasty white skin color, and freckles. Also considered as a whore in College Station that harms her children and beats them like cotton field slaves. Poor kids look like Jerry's Kids whenever she gets the feeling.
Laura is such a abusive cunt!
by Wun Hung Lo December 20, 2005
The color of blood red that is added to a male's penis after having sex with a virgin.
Raul received a paint job after popping some bitches cherry!
by Wun Hung Lo December 20, 2005
The action of an extremely fat lady that is taking a shit, once done, she is so fat that she can not reach around to wipe her ass. Instead she reaches between her legs and wipes from crack to split. Much of the time this act ends with the women spreading the shit into her vagina causing an infection that smells like shit!
90% of all fat chicks give themselves the rusty split.
by Wun Hung Lo January 08, 2006

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