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The act of applying 5 brazillion unrelated tags to a youtube video in the hopes of having it come up on more peoples searches
Hey man come look at this guys tag spamming. Listen
sex, dick, hot, world of warcraft, god, atheist, politics, bush, patch 3.3.3, 3.0, 4.0, your, mom, did, me, last, night , no, she, didn't, screw, you, gay, fag, cigarette, misunderstanding, flocinocinihilipilification
by Wr. Wan October 06, 2010
A phrase to describe what happens when you are standing and waiting for something, and then a bunch of people come and form a line next to you. Hence causing you to have to go to the back of it.
Dude, i got to the stand first, then everyone else got there and majority queued me to the back
by Wr. Wan October 06, 2010
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