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3 definitions by Worms and Hispandican

When a male pleases a woman orally starting from one hole and going to the other and repeat as necessary.
When a hot lady walks by a guy might say, MMMMM Yea ... I would love to paint her fence. Or he might say, I would paint her fence for free.

So ladies feel free to ask your men to show you there Fence Painting technique.
by Worms and Hispandican March 24, 2008
5 3
When underage girls enjoy your company all the way up to the point of them turning legal.
Man that guy seems to really attract the younger audience, but not the legal aged ones. Sure does sound like another case of worms disease.
by Worms and Hispandican August 28, 2008
3 3
Someone who has multiple women of which he or she has sex with or just plays with there Boobs
That titty juggler down the road sure does sleep with a lot of women.
by Worms and Hispandican March 24, 2008
3 3