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You fucking geek cunts
Just type in "Halo 2" in the search bar on this website.
by Working Up A Sweat November 12, 2004
Uses music as a fashion accessory.

Into the whole Mod thing of the 60s but have somehow got it all wrong. They like bands such as Belle & Sebastian, The Strokes, Bloc Party, Razorlight, Franz Ferdinand, The Libertines, The Smiths, The Cure (all of a sudden) "sleazy" electro and basically everything the music magazine NME tells them to listen to. Occasionally you'll see one wearing a Led Zeppelin tshirt under their blazer which so obviously proves they are "rock and roll" and into old school "hard" rock. Favorite Led Zeppelin song of theirs would probably be Stairway To Heaven.
They try to involve themselves in creative subjects at college and university such as art, photography and media studies and like to watch Japanese horror films, 1950's French films, James Dean films etc.
Go to the Camden Barfly on a Friday night and you will think you have walked into a cloning experiment.
I enjoy making songs that are no longer than 50 seconds. I enjoy making movies about nothing. I enjoy wantching james dean on my television set. I like making artwork covers for bands that only exist inside my head.
by Working Up A Sweat October 05, 2004

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