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Someone who makes a deal/plan/promise or gives a gift to someone. Then, when it is at the other persons advantage/gets what they want/needs to go back on what they said in order to get what they wnat, without regard to the other party, immediately goes back on their word/promise or takes back whatever was given and leaves the other person completley fucked
John: "i don't care you can have the car it's a piece of shit"
Chris: "wow! thanks i really need this car to get to work"
a few weeks later after chris fixes up the car
John: "yeah i'm gonna need that car back"
Chris: "but you gave it to me"
John: "yea well it's still in my name, i can call the authorities or you can just give it back to me. Either way it's going to be parked at my house tonight."
Chris: John is such a bitch ass indian giver i'm gonna scalp that motherfucker in front of his kids
by Wordisbond July 13, 2012

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