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short for mother fucker
He is such an incredible m-fer. I can't believe he talke to me like I was 8 years old.
by WordPak Revisited December 30, 2011
a condition felt upon arising (from being horizontal to vertical) in which your head feels like it is full of cement

caused by gastro-esphogial-reflux-disorder (GERD)-when the mist of refluxed stomach acids reach the sinus cavity thereby generating an excess of mucus to expel the foreign substance
Suzanne was tired of waking up every morning with cement head. She went to her doctor to learn why and he said that the condition is a result of GERD. He gave her a scrip for Nexium and the cement head went away.
by WordPak Revisited December 30, 2011
verb - must be used with "to go" or tenses of to go He went tilt. She will go tilt.

1. tilt is when a pinball machine malfunctions; when a person goes tilt they become extremely angry or furious

to explode with anger

2: to have an outburst of negative emotion, to have a trantrum

If mom and dad come home early - before we have a chance to clean up after our massive keg party - they are going to go tilt when they see this mess.

When he found his brother Charles dismantling his perfectly assembled model plane, Alex went tilt.

The baby went tilt when his parents tried to take away his favorite pacifier.
by WordPak Revisited December 30, 2011
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