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Silvia is a beautiful woman. She is sweet, gentle, playful and loving. She is the one person that everyone goes to for help. Silvia has a very energetic personality and a strong exterior. However, she hides everything behind her innocent smile. Emotionally, Silvia is more fragile than sugar glass and she has been hurt and taken for granted numerous times. Mentally, Silvia is extremely wise. She catches on quickly and she has a strong intuition. Never lie to her because she will know instantly. Silvia is one that never looks back once she has left and, although she forgives easily, she never forgets. She is the type that id rare to find, but extremely easy to lose. Once you have Silvia's heart, she will stick by you through it all. She is extremely loyal and loving. She is not someone you would want to lie to or leave because the chances of winning her back are slim-to-none. It is rare to actually anger a Silvia, but when it happens the best thing to do is let her be until she calms down. She isn't someone you would want to be around when she is mad. However, her anger is quick to die down.
Silvia is such an amazing person, I admire her.

Person: Hey, Silvia how are you?
Silvia: Fine. Thanks for asking. And you?
*Inside she is breaking*

Oh yeah, Silvia has been there with me through it all.

Did you honestly just make Silvia mad? You must have done something terrible and I suggest you avoid her for a few minutes.
by WordOfTheWiseAndMore December 09, 2012
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