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8 definitions by Word of the Day

A doll purchased primarily for masturbation purposes, though a few of them are sold to health teachers.
The man tried to convince his wife that he was a health teacher when she discovered his sex doll.
by Word of the Day June 05, 2004
150 51
One who appears tough on the surface but is really a wimp.
He annoys me because constanly brags about being so tough, but at least he can back up his statements, unlike a paper tiger.
by Word of the Day June 07, 2004
78 33
An exclamation of anger, usually used when swearing is not an option.
The man wisely stopped himself from swearing and replaced the profanity with "Gah!"
by Word of the Day May 27, 2004
12 6
The act of tricking someone into having sex with you just so that you can do something harmful to them.
He committed vilrony when he handcuffed his girlfriend in a sexual way, but then proceeded to steal her money and leave her handcuffed to the chair.
by Word of the Day May 31, 2004
4 1
Bad grammar. Put the apostrophe in twins uncle to make it make sense.
Twins uncle has no meaning, but twin's uncle means the uncle of a twin.
by Word of the Day May 29, 2004
5 6
Bracelets worn by teenagers who are desperate for sexual activity.
Look, if I wear these Jelly Braclets, someone might actually be stupid enough to have sex with me.
by Word of the Day May 28, 2004
6 14
A person who thinks that they are macho but in reality are nothing at all.
My father always tries to act strong, but he is only biffy.
by Word of the Day June 06, 2004
6 53