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2 definitions by Word Walock

More than one person can carry in two hands. Actually has 2 different sources of meaning. 1. From the large size of some women's rear-ends. If you put one hand on each asscheek, it's still too much to handle. 2. The suprsingly large amount of something that a doctor or customs agent is able to find hidden in someone's rectum.
Your mamma was so thankful to me that she gave me a whole buttload of your CD's.
by Word Walock January 11, 2004
Slang word used to described what is also a called a "fanny pack". It's a small, purse-like container that zippers shut and is worn around one's waist. They came into popularity first with runners and other exercise enthusiasts, but when they crossed into main stream, there was a backlash because men starting using them much like a woman would use a purse - as a convenient place to carry things around in. Because men in traditional society have never been able to carry any such thing (except the cumbersome and often unneccisarily large briefcase), wearing a fanny-pack became viewed as effeminate behavior. So "real" men refused to start using them (although they are very practical) and need to keep up their masculine image. Therefore, the best they could do was to equate their use with being homosexual, although most of the men who actually wore them were just "unfashionalbe" married men.
Is that guy actually wearing a fag bag? Do they still make those?
by Word Walock January 11, 2004