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Otherwise known as "You only live nine lives". This is an addition from the internet term 'Yolo'. Used generally in games when players rage at 'feeders'.
Gamer 1:"Dude, what the FUCK?!?! You're feeding them the win! You've already died 8 times."

Gamer 2:"Whelp.... yolnl"

Gamer 1:"You fucking ass...."
by Word Seeker of LOVE October 13, 2013
The combonation of 'shit-faced-faggot' In the Spoof comedy of the Batman series. Two face stars as Shit-Faced-Faggot.
"Dude, did you see, Batman, return of the Thing?"

"Nah, but I heard about that Shit-Faced-Faggot character, apparently he's a gay queer fuck that enjoys shit being taken on his face??"

by Word Seeker of LOVE October 13, 2013
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