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The hottest site on the net for police officers to figure out what the hell you are talking about. Please stop snitching out the underground by defining slang and codewords on this site.
Officer Tom - "We've reviewed the wiretaps, but I can't understand a damn word those niggers are saying."

Officer Dick - "I agree, Tom. These guys use all sorts of slang and codewords that we don't understand. It's becoming increasing difficult for our undercover officers to blend in during our investigations because they make up new words everyday."

Officer Harry - "Hey guys. No problem. We can just go to Urban Dictionary to decipher what they are talking about and we can present evidence in court, no problem. Hell, we can even pass this information to our officers in the field thus making our jobs alot easier."

Officer Dick - "Harry, you're a fucking genius! This site is terrific! 'That's a bet' basically means 'yes'. I had no idea."

Officer Tom - "Hey guys, I'm gonna go grab some coffee and doughnuts. Wanna come?"

Officer Harry - "That's a bet!"

by Word Is Bizzond March 18, 2008

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