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An extreme reluctance to doing something.
Man, Sundays are depressing. I'd rather shower at Penn State then go to work tomorrow.
by Woo Yeah Nester June 25, 2012
The resulting boner one gets from the pure excitement of hearing about the upcoming 2012 Black Sabbath reunion.
Matthew had such a Sabbath boner after hearing of Black Sabbath's upcoming reunion that he could in no way concentrate on work. Or sit down properly.
by Woo Yeah Nester November 17, 2011
A game you play with a female of interest to break the ice. It involves walking up behind the girl while she is seated, pulling your peens out and setting it on her shoulder. When she turns around in disgust, you should look at her with total confidence and say "That's right."
Matthew: Dude, I went for it. I went over to Ashley's cubicle and played Guess What's On My Shoulder?

Adam: Super Sweet. Did it work?

Matthew: No, she hit me.
by Woo Yeah Nester November 03, 2010
A fat girl that thinks she is hot.
Dude, that chick is a pig, but, I think I could get her.

No way, man. She is a hog in sheep's clothing. She thinks she is too good for you.
by Woo Yeah Nester September 22, 2010
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