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A new level of understanding, so sane that anyone who is sane judges you as insane when you're actually just smarter than them in ways they can't imagine.
If an outsane person tries to tell sane people that the universe is infinite thus so is probability so they're aleady dead so fuck it, the sane person will give a quizzical look of perplexment and walk off like a douche-bag this, may also occur when you try to explain that life is pointless
Outsane Person: hey life isn't worth living because you're going to die anyway

Sane Person: I believe that we have a higher purpose

Outsane Person: yeah but what happens when we serve that purpose? do we just float on this rock like until we evolve some more to become anthropomorphous entities, it will be a nice day for furries at least

Insane Person: I'd like to have sex with an anthropomorphous entity because i'm a furry
by Wolfgang Shingami April 05, 2009

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