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Prior to engaging in sexual intercourse (predominantly homosexual), a male will rid himself of his entire pubic hair and keep it within reach during a sexual act. Once the male explodes hot sticky semen all over the face of his sexual partner, he will proceed to throw the remains of his pubic hair in the face of his sexual partner, shouting "WOLFMAN!!!!"
Is that a beard you're growing or did someone WOLFMAN!!! you?

My boyfriend and I had a hot Wolfman sesh last night, and I'm still coughing up hair.
by Wolf Man November 29, 2004
The infamous act of pissing, crapping, and vomitting on yourself simultaneously. Usually occurs during bouts of heavy drinking.
Tommy: "Hey bro, how'd your night end up?"
Jake: "Well it was going well, but then I blacked out and pulled a Triple Bozo."

Tommy: "Hahah, damn dude you are one pathetic loser!"
by Wolf man February 27, 2012
As discussed in "The 40 Year-Old Virgin," a win-win is the act of popping any kind of drowsiness inducing drug (Nyquill for example) and proceeding to jerk off. Whether or not one finishes before falling asleep is besides the point because "either way you win..."
Rob: "You going out tonight man?"
Gene: "Nah I'm staying in tonight. I'm pretty tired."

Rob: "You going for a win-win?"

Gene: "Great idea!"
by Wolf man February 27, 2012
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