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A game that can improve social life if ur a kid,and can destroy social life if ur an adult. it eats away at your brain and tells you not to go near sunlight because the sun will create a reflection on the screen so you can't see the big hairy blue ghostlands spider thats about to kill you. There is one expansion and a new one coming out this year. I am a noob but I know these things cuz i know a 70 in rl(rl=real life in WoW speak)if you have BC(Burning Crusade) there are ten races in all. Fivefor alli,(alliance) and five for HORDE(WOOT!!! HORDE!)Alli races:Draeni, NIGHT ELF!!!,gnome, dwarf, and human. Horde races:BLOOD ELF!!!(if you call them gay I will hunt you down)tauren, orc, undead, and troll. WARNING: This game is very addictive.
Killerkitten(My main):OMFG I just got killed by an alli in horde territory when I didn't even attack him first! Wtf is up with that.

Callipso(one of my good friends):Ok, calm down, I'm sure its just a glitch

Party Killerkitten: Yeah well, glitches suck

Party Callipso: I know they do butif you wanna play you gottalive with 'em

Party Killeerkitten: At least spinebreaker isn't a new server. those ones are always real glitchy. Cairne is a new one, and the glitches are non-stop. it got so bad I considered quitting WoW

Party Callipso: Well, good thing you didn't lol

Party Killerkitten: Yeah lol
by WoW Luver April 13, 2008
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