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(noun) It is the state of the skin of the urethra being stuck together momentarily producing two piss streams instead of one.
"darn double stream made me pee all over the toilet stream again."
by Winston Xue October 28, 2007
A sexual act where the male inserts one of his testicles into the woman's vagina. The woman then, without help from the male slowly tightens her kegels to squeeze the ball out, thus looking like a sun rising on the horizon. When done correctly this maneuver should be painless and result in pleasure and laughter for both parties. Also, when performed on certain women who posses little excess skin on the labia, a resounding pop much like a champagne bottle but wetter and juicier can be heard, adding to the moment. Despite its name and the freaky sexual tendencies of the Japanese people, Japanese men actually tend to avoid the rising sun. They believe that this action will incite the sea god, Owatatsumi, who punishes with tsunamis. Sorry, too soon?
Hahaha, Jane lost to me in a game of cricket, now I get to give 'er the good 'ol rising sun, eh mate?
by Winston Xue July 29, 2011
Any free lingering goodies in a persons ass crack; ranging from poop to chucks of lip balm.
When I found some anal schwab in Jane's ass last night while eating her out it was Christmas all over again.
by Winston Xue October 28, 2007
A sexual act that is committed when a man, durring intercourse puts hot sauce around his condom puts it in a vagina.
When I gave Jane the flaming Johnson she developed a rash that two weeks to heal.
by Winston Xue January 28, 2008
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