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Draco Malfoy's version of the Dark Mark, as seen in A Very Potter Musical. It is a smiley face with a snake coming out drawn on someone's forearm.
I was bored in social studies today so I drew a Homemade Dark Mark on my arm. I got seven high fives from strangers.
by Winky the House Elf April 07, 2010
A smartphone app where overprotective moms can stalk their kids. It uses the signal given off by their phones to track their every movement. They are, however, easy to trick. If you go off somewhere, leave your phone with a friend. However, the app is actually quite useless because if a rapist kidnaps your child, then they will probably be prepared for the app and leave the phone somewhere.
Rapist: o yea, look at this kid i just kidnapped! o shit hes got family locator. ill just leave his phone in the mall somewhere. i beat the system, woot!
by Winky the House Elf April 07, 2010
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