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The asshole driver that can't help pulling these annoying and dangerous driving maneuvers:

1. The pinch down - while you minding your own business in the right lane, a fucking dickhead speeds up to get along side of you in the left lane then slows down forcing you the brake before you run into granny driving 45 mph in the right lane.

2. On ramp fuckery - Similar to the pinch down, but it occurs as granny is merging onto the interstate from the on ramp at 35 mph.

3. Too scared to pass - On a two lane road speeds up to catch you then tailgates you for 20 miles without passing. Most annoying a night.

4. Fog light idiot - outdated oversized SUV with fog lights on 24/7, blinds you since the fog lights are terminal in the windshield of your hybrid. Really bad with too scared to pass.

5. What's up little dick? - homophobic asshole with tiny penis driving a huge truck or SUV with giant tires. To overcompensate for his tiny penis, has to drive this piece of shit at top speed in every situation such as parking lots, pouring down rain, school zones etc.
Hey fucking dickhead, you almost ran over my 2 year old daughter in the church parking lot. And fucking dickhead, turn off your fog lights it's daytime.
by Wing deuce October 29, 2012

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