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2 definitions by Windy City Hottie

The answer to all of lifes problems. i swear. whatever the hell you need, just enter it in the search bar. Mail-Order-Wives, New Insults, A Kick-Ass online slang dictionary (its true how i found this site), Cars, Cant remember the name of a song? just enter in the lyrics in "". It will change your effing life.
Average Human: dude, where the hell is cambodia?

Informative Human: go to google.com already, dumbass.
by Windy City Hottie June 27, 2006
an incredibly talented, sexy, hot actress/mother/UN Ambassador/community worker person/whatever the hell else she does...

i am a straight female and i would do her. she is that hot.
Straight Teenage Boy: i cant hang out tonight coz im gonna watch Original Sin tonight so i can see Angelina Jolie naked.

Straight Teenage Girl: Awesome! can i watch with you???
by Windy City Hottie June 24, 2006