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3 definitions by Windoze Basher

What happens when you use Windows for too long (all at once or over periods of time) and you start to hate stuff. The first thing that is hated is computers, then your (seemingly) messy desk, then the fact that you can't lick your elbow (or other weird shit), then you hate the floor because it is sticky (even if you're wearing shoes), and then you'll hate your keyboard, mouse, speakers, etc., and then finally yourself.
I think you've been Windowsed.
by Windoze Basher August 23, 2010
The first time Micro$soft makes something that doesn't suck will be when they make a vacuum that runs Windoze.
I just bought a Micro$oft Vacuum! It runs Windoze!
(dude plugs it in)
(dude turns it on)
WTF!?!?!?!?!?!?! It won't even pickup dust!?!?!?!
by Windoze Basher May 10, 2010
The latest and shittiest version of Micro$oft Windoze to date (yes even shittier than Vistuh). It is most likely used by offices that are too dumb to install any flavor of Linux on their CPUs or are too cheap to buy even a Mac Mini. It is most likely a memory hog/GPU hog and will slow down even the fastest CPUs.
Wow I got my new Dell for the office it should run even faster with Windoze Sevun. (5 mins later) Hello, I'm calling because my computer is showing the blue screen of death.
by Windoze Basher April 27, 2010