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Bottom hombre (Noun; adj). Deriving from the word 'hombre', commonly pertaining to 'dude' or 'man'.

Adding 'bottom' as a prefix to hombre implies that the person is quite an unsavoury or malicious character - the lowest of the low.
"I was out with Barry and the Heath Park Dongers the other night - they were playing this very queer game called balltig --- I tell you, Terry, those guys are serious bottom hombres."

"I was roller-blading through the park the other day when I caught a guy exposing himself to a tramp - what a bottom hombre. Good job that tramp's blind."

"My mate, Mick, is a serious social retard. I know he's balding, but if he wasn't such a bottom hombre when he's drunk, he would surely be able to get a girl to fidget with his manhood."
by Willy Windmiller June 18, 2009

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