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This is the city that once was great, then sucked,and is now trying to not suck even though it is an extremely difficult task. Scranton is beginning to see changes in diversity, but not changes in lifestyle. The average Scranton lifestyle includes consuming 4 plus quarts of Yuengling, eating food that leg drops your arteries, and smoking pot to forget that your are in Scranton, which has nothing to do for fun besides drivining around. The kids at the University suck ass. If they aren't good natured townies, they are stuck up rich pricks from New York, Long Island, and Jersey. God I hate being home unless I have access to a car, which is Scranton's strongest feature: good location. Not too far from NYC of Philly, Scranton also has tons of quickly accesible roads that have little to no police force. Also the locals are fairly easy to take advantage of.
Average Scranton day:
Wake up, put on sweat suit, eat cold pizza from last night, watch TV, take out rage on someone, meet up with people you don't particularly like until your drunk...
by Willis J May 02, 2005

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