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a hit song by rising band O.A.R.(of.a.revolution.) in which the writer expresses the formality of one's mind transpiring in and out of dream and conscienceness, ultimatly climaxig when the writer realizes their is no escape from one's mind.
The black rock describes one's mind and imagination meaning we all have our own black rock whether it be a physical place where we go to think and/or a metaphor for the happy place burried deep in our heads......many songs like the Black Rock have deeper meanings if only we would listen.
by William k June 17, 2006
A name to describe the imaginated embodidedment of the higher being(which crated everything is the cosmos) as a way of explaining that which we cannot see nor understand. God is whatever you want him to be but it must exsist because, in order to even begin to grasp the concept of life and time we must understand that all things have a beginning and an end except the Lord.
For example life is like a line segment eventually it ends....but what about your soul.....your conscience...they are ever lasting. Unlike the life of the human body God is like a ring.....no beginning no end. He has always been and he always will be......but what about us......becomes of us is our choice, however God knows what we shall do with our short time here on Earth, so how can we make a choice. We arent on Earth to make choices, we have already made them...God knows what we chose and thus has given us this giant heap of rock and metal which we call Earth that of which is floating in nothingness to live up to our decisions. But sense as I said we cannot understand God we must fear and love him aswell. For it is in our and nature to fear that which we cannot never understand nor fully explain. But he is a mecrciful not an anry lord and he will giude and protect us in our final hours.
by William k June 17, 2006

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