1 definition by William Whittingham

It's an all purpose word I found necessity to use that can have many various meanings, depending on how it's used. For instance, it's genetive formation and use in this case saw it usefully being used to express "something emergent".

And it can also have many many practical other uses, which you can interpret the meaning by the context by how it's used, as in the many following examples.
To Splooch or Not To Splooch.
He's one mean splooch.
Splooch, a very fine perfume.
Be careful where you put that splooch.
A most splooching evening.
Instant Splooch.
Splooch-by-splooch, the play went on...
He's been troubled by feelings of splooch lately.
The other day there was a gathering of splooch out back.
I'm just damn fedup with all the splooching around going on around here these days.
That is just the sploochingest thing I ever saw.
Hey Sploochy, pass me the salt...
You better have that looked at by a Sploochiologist real soon.
The Count of Sploochingdom will be attending the event.
She wore a most appropriate shade of splooch to the wedding.
Stop fiddling about with your splooch.
Splooches were breaking out all over the region disturbingly unabatingly.
Splooch-Up, Splooch-Down, Splooch-All-Around.
In the future legislation will be passed enabling the Splooch Enabling Act.
The Sploochiogram was most revealing.
Internet Splooch.
Newfy Screech, Pansy Splooch.
Stop splooching about with your fiddle.
I'm getting splooched by this splooch thing.
Canned Splooch.
Dear, there's some Sploochiologists at the door want to see you...
by William Whittingham August 17, 2004

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