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Related to the term Anal Leakage, Anal Oxide refers to the ass juices permeated from anal leakage. Heed caution, this acidic binary compound is capable of wearing a hole in your pantaloons.
Geesh, my ass is so sweaty. I hope the anal oxide doesn't burn a hole in my nice new pair of slacks.
by William J J T October 29, 2010
Slang term for a machine gun.
Holy shit, that kid just dusted a bunch of his classmates with a lettuce cutter!

You idiot, keep that lettuce cutter out of sight!
by William J J T October 28, 2010
The anus of a male or female that is considered to be less than desirable.
I'm not gay, but if I were, I wouldn't put my dick anywhere near his scumhole.
by William J J T October 29, 2010
Acronym for Friggin' Fuckin' Bullshit.
Person 1: Did you end up working last night?

Person 2: Yeah, it was friggin' fuckin' bullshit!

FFBS is fun to say.
by William J J T October 29, 2010
A person so overweight they stay inside all day long. Usually due to crippling depression brought on by morbid obesity and/or ugliness.
Person 1: Some chick bought my movie collection but she doesn't drive and sent her kid over to pick them up.

Person 2: Yeah, she's probably a fat shut-in.
by William J J T October 29, 2010
Someone whose farts smell so terrible that they should be charged with a crime.
You're a number one nose offender and should be locked up and put on a strict low protein diet.
by William J J T October 29, 2010
When the bass guitar sounds so good (typically funkified) it's literally humping your face.
Come see us play live if you like ripping guitar solo's and the bass humping your face.
by William J J T October 29, 2010

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