19 definitions by William J J T

A person so overweight they stay inside all day long. Usually due to crippling depression brought on by morbid obesity and/or ugliness.
Person 1: Some chick bought my movie collection but she doesn't drive and sent her kid over to pick them up.

Person 2: Yeah, she's probably a fat shut-in.
by William J J T October 29, 2010
Slang term for a machine gun.
Holy shit, that kid just dusted a bunch of his classmates with a lettuce cutter!

You idiot, keep that lettuce cutter out of sight!
by William J J T October 28, 2010
The anus of a male or female that is considered to be less than desirable.
I'm not gay, but if I were, I wouldn't put my dick anywhere near his scumhole.
by William J J T October 29, 2010
Acronym for Friggin' Fuckin' Bullshit.
Person 1: Did you end up working last night?

Person 2: Yeah, it was friggin' fuckin' bullshit!

FFBS is fun to say.
by William J J T October 29, 2010
Related to the term Anal Leakage, Anal Oxide refers to the ass juices permeated from anal leakage. Heed caution, this acidic binary compound is capable of wearing a hole in your pantaloons.
Geesh, my ass is so sweaty. I hope the anal oxide doesn't burn a hole in my nice new pair of slacks.
by William J J T October 29, 2010
Someone whose farts smell so terrible that they should be charged with a crime.
You're a number one nose offender and should be locked up and put on a strict low protein diet.
by William J J T October 29, 2010
A pop singer who apparently has talent but instead uses it for making shitty, terrible, recyclable, here today and gone tomorrow pop music. She also looks like a Jewish version of Madonna mixed with that cunt Cher. The only reason I watch her videos if at all is for the soft core porn. She might as well be a dirty porn actress that sucks nigger cock all day long.
Person 1: Did you hear that new Lady Gaga song?
Person 2: Who gives a fuck.
by William J J T October 28, 2010
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