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Pitching chili nuts or peanuts (preferably the former, due to the resemblance to basket balls) into cleavages. The smaller the cleavage, the higher the score, plus extra score for long distance shots. Slam dunks also highly credible, but only for the brave.
Man, I sunk a nut in an A-cup when chili nut basketing at the party last night!
#chilinut basket #nut #basket #cleavage #nutbasket
by Will and Jay September 29, 2006
The act of heating a nickle with a lighter to the point where holding between fingers turns too painful to bare, then placing it in the crack of someones ass, accessible when victim leans forward in a seated position, thus exposing top of crack. Results can be improved with larger coins, and also finding means to heat coin beyond the point where fingers singe.
She wasn't dancing, she was suffering severe burns to top of ass crack due to someone dropping her a hot nickle.
#coin #burning #coindrop #hot #nikcle
by Will and Jay September 29, 2006
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