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1) A brothel, bordello, or possibly Roadrunner Cafe
guy 1: dude, i really want some pussy!
guy 2: well then shit...let's go to the panochotería.
guy 1: the what?
guy 2: the panochoteríaaaaaa
by Will Sharp October 07, 2005
1) a crony who did somethin foolish
2) someone not worth name calling but behind his back
3) a discolored vagina
4) a vagina blanketed in moles
"you fucking chonster, quit knocking pool balls off the table"

"yeah, fuck that chonster"

"ugh...look at the chonster on that mom"

"i licked it....and it was a chonster ::shame::"
by Will Sharp October 05, 2005
a ronchy word for vagina keyed by yours truly in deuce dime
"hm hm hmmmm i just wanna ravage her graw"
by Will Sharp October 04, 2005
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