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(n.) Any residual produced from illicit sexual acts performed while incarcerated.
After the prison gang got done with Jimmy the Snitch there was prison guacamole all over the shower.
by wildmnc January 07, 2011
Noun: refers to to the reoccuring cycle in which one gets way too drunk, wakes up, feigns some type of recovery and then submits to the need to begin drinking again thus arriving at the place where one started.

Despite popular belief, once started there is not an end to the rum cycle only an enlargening of the circle.

The name is actually a misnomer as from a personal prospective one seems to start from the same spot but has actually sunken a bit.

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I was heavy into the rum cycle by my third day of vacation in Costa Rica.
by wildmnc July 01, 2012
A frozen turd used as a dildo
She was shocked by the coldness of the dildookie at first and by the time she realized the mess it hasd made it was too late.
by wildmnc January 07, 2011

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