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1. An acclaimed baseball player known for being a major-league all time hitter and the 'stolen base king'.
2. A person who incessantly uses their own name in the third person in conversation.
'Rickey Henderson, pick up the phone, man, it's me... you.' -David Cross

(Off album "Shut Up You Fucking Baby!"
by Wiggy Wallenstein October 16, 2006
1. Lane changing
2. Fighting for ultimate highway supremacy

Often done when in transit and busy, i.e. on cellphones or talking.
"Why are you late, man"
"I got stuck playing highway tetris with a dumbass"
by Wiggy Wallenstein November 10, 2007
People change. The profit and gain made from the propelling of human capital to benefit yourself.
"She said that my boyfriend should still talk to her, despite the fact that she broke up with him when they dated"
"Oh, the agony, fucking human capital"

"Somalia is suffering"
"Eh, to them, it's human capital"
by Wiggy Wallenstein February 14, 2007
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