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A play on the words Hipster and Hypocrite. A hipstercrite is a hipster who often contradicts his own well thought out, yet pretentious ideals (although, they sometimes see this as 'ironic' rather than hypocritical) Examples include:
1. Jude just finished blogging about how Big-market Corporations are taking over America and weeding out smaller businesses. He then closed his Mac Book Pro and finished drinking his Starbucks coffee.
2. India claims to have loved the band Foster the People, and at one time thought she was their biggest fan. However, with their recent VMA nomination for Best New Artist, she thinks they're too mainstream and now suck.
Hipster: I'm an original thinker. I go against the mainstream.
Intelligent person: You're such a hipstercrite. Intentionally going against what's popular and current to fit in with your hipster crowd makes you a follower, not and original thinker. Why not just be yourself?
Hipster: Being myself is too mainstream.
Intelligent person: Yeah, I thought you'd say that.
by WigglyJiggleJigglyWiggle September 01, 2011

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