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3 definitions by Wide Awake in the Universe

The largest and most majestic beard found on a man. Most often this is the common facial beard (hair found on the lower facial area and chin), but depending on hair-growth patterns and grooming habits, the daddy-beard could also be the man's knee-beard, body beard, throat beard, or ass beard.
Don't let your knee-beards get cocky now, thinking they rule the roost now that you've gone and shaved off daddy-beard. Keep them in their place. On your knees.
by Wide Awake in the Universe May 27, 2010
A little nightmare.
(wakes up) "Whoa... why would my deceased 5th grade algebra teacher take me to the basement of the Church of a Thousand Boners? What a nightpony..."
by Wide Awake in the Universe June 07, 2012
An individual providing financial support to someone in the same age cohort, in exchange for sex (or commonly, a relationship).

Contrast with sugar daddy or sugar mommy, where the wealthier individual is also significantly older.
"27f looking for my sugar companion!"
by Wide Awake in the Universe July 07, 2013