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The laughingstock of Alberta. The have by far the dumbest fans in the NHL, who think the Shames are an NHL powerhouse despite the fact that they've went past the first round only once since 1989. They are one Kiprusoff away from a top ten draft pick. Their gap-toothed fans are either filthy, strech-marked gutterwhores or inbred mulletheads who live in a time where the Camaro is the epitome of high-class.

The Shames can't score to save their lives, and depend on their exciting combination of clutch-and-grab and depending on their goalie to be MVP every single game. A Battle of Alberta at the MaxipadDome includes Oilers fans invading that dump of an arena, and outcheering Shames fans in their own building. It's quite a spectacle!

Shames fans tend to make it through their day by convincing themselves that they are better than Edmonton. An inferiority complex is an ugly thing.
The Oilers are your daddy, and don't you forget it Mulletgary!

The Calgary Flames are synomynous with "Choke".
by Who;s your daddy? September 09, 2006

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