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a party game that fucks you up to the max!
the game is simple. Fill a cup half way and then spread a deck of cards around the cup. Everyone takes a turn drawing a any card from around the cup.

If you draw a..

Ace- waterfall. the person who drew this starts the waterfall. you cant stop until the person before you stops

2- Fuck you. pick anyone to take a drink

3- Fuck me. you have to take a drink

4- Hores. all the females have to take a drink

5- Make a Rule. you make a rule and anyone who violates it has to take a drink. (Ex. NO ELBOWS ON THE TABLE)

6- Dicks. all guys take a drink

7- Thumbmaster. who ever draws a seven is the thumbmaster. this means whenever the thumbmaster puts his/hers thumb on the table everyone has to. the last one to do so has to take a drink.

8- Pick a Mate. pick someone to take a drink with you

9- Bust a Rhyme. person who draws a nine has to say a word and then everyone else has to. who takes more than 5 seconds to come up with one has to take a drink. FIRST WORD CANNOT BE ORANGE

10- Categories. person who draws this will come up with a type of object then everyone has to come with that category. (EX. types of cars. A.) chevy, ford etc.

Jack- Back. the person that went before you has to drink.

Queen- Questions. ask someone a question and you can only answer with another question. CANT USE THE SAME QUESTION TWICE.

King- Kings Cup. the first three kings drawed the person who draws them pours half their beer in the cup in the middle of the table. whoever gets the last king has to drink all of the Kings Cup
Oh my God, That game of King's Cup got me so fucked up!!
by White guy @shattuck April 15, 2008

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