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Whip It, is "also" an expression in which
one acts upon when doing Whip Its(No2).
Something they would normally not do on there own without the power of Whip Its(No2).

An expression that is used to explain the way someone acts while on Whip Its(No2).

or also an expression to explain one that has reached the plane of being whipped out or High from doing Whip It (No2).
A person takes a Whip It (No2) hit and starts to convulse and talk funny (some may hallucinate various visions or feel physical reactions). People doing Whip It’s with that person might say something like "That’s so Whip It!"
People that are doing Whip Its together notice someone doing it has reached there High from doing Whip Its and react from the high and all together say "Whip It!" or "Whipped" usually followed by pointing the finger at the person who has just Whipped Out.
by Whipper Snapper February 08, 2009

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