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The term “cracker” is universally thought to be a racist derogatory term for people of European ancestry. Mainly said by scape-goating blacks and Mexicans (and sometimes Asians and Indians) in a failing attempt to put down the white race (for basically existing), people underestimate the TRUE definition of the word, which is:

C-Controls &
A black dude and a Latino dude are both playing basketball together in a park by themselves. A white dude approaches near them carrying a sports bag. Minding his own business, he starts to get his basketball out and begins playing on the other half of the court. The black and Latino gentlemen both stop, turn around and observe him.
The black dude then shouts, "Hey cracker, what'cha doing'? Get 'cho white azz off this court! It ain't yours!"
The Latino guy adds, "Yeah, that's right, whiteboy! Go away!"
The white guy looks at both men and says, "Thank you guys for calling me 'cracker.' I'm flattered. Know why? Because 'cracker' simply stands for Caucasian race actively controls and knows Earth's resources!"
The black and Latino men both stare completely speechless and dumbfounded as the white guy picks up his stuff and walks away laughing his ass off.
by Whatever, does it matter? October 21, 2007

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