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Things to look for :

-Pronounce names such as Makayla MAH - KY - LAH
words like me MEH or okay OH-KY

-straight , usually dark brown hair.

-lots of black friends.

-wears Aero or (usually) Wet Seal clothing

-beaded necklaces (the ones you would wear to Mardi Gras)

-Big damgly earrings.

-Lots of bracelets.

-NOW POPULAR : Skinny jeans

-Boots with fur.

-Glossy Lip gloss, that is very shiny.

-Often calls people jockers.

-Tries to fit in with other black people.

-Forgets/ignores white people.

-Will only date black people.

-Usually straight.

-Extensive vocab of unusual words or phrases that can only be seen through urbandictionary.com

-Always creating 'new' styles, even though they have been around for decades.

If more than 10 apply to you , or one of your friends , you are a POSER !

She is such a poser , and tries to deny it all the time. And, she is white. What a wannabe.
by What the buck February 23, 2009

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