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The act of poking ones male genitalia through a bag of buttery popcorn you are sharing with a woman at the movies. When the women reaches for a handful of popcorn she acquires instead a handful of buttery penis. Thus the Buttery Serendipitous Handjob is created.
Trent- Grant got a Buttery Serendipitous Handjob at the movies from that hood-rat yesterday!

Max- Hes my hero.
by What Grant did to her June 28, 2011
The sexual act of gathering 10 of your closest friend's moms in a minivan without seats on a hot August day, turning up the heat, thus inducing persperation, and railing every last one of them in a chaotic mass of various bodily fluids.
Can you beleive Grant pulled a Soccermom Sweatshop with all of our moms this summer? Thats messed up.
by What Grant did to her April 22, 2011
The act of dipping your penis in 100% maple syrup, covering it in sand, and railing the chick until the sand is all gone. After that the female licks the maple syrup off.
Hot damn Grant Sandbox Popsicled the shit out of her.

"Gadzooks! Grant gave her the old 1-2-Sandbox Popsicle!"
by What Grant did to her April 19, 2011
When a women applies luke-warm baby oil to her hands and then gives the male a Class A tugger a.k.a handjob.
Oh geez Grant got a gnarly hot tug from dat hoe!
by What Grant did to her August 22, 2011
While having sex with a fat chick one makes whale noises then proceedes to ejaculate on her face and scream "WHALE WATCH WHITOUUUT!!!" This is usually reserved for "bag it and tag it" girls, not one you wish to pursue a relationship with.
"WHALE WATCH WHITEOUT" Ewwwww GRANT what did you just DO to me?
by What Grant did to her April 22, 2011
After nailing an overweight women the man proceeds to put a lit stick of incense inside of the vagina in an effort to get rid of the fishy smell.
oh damn...I didnt know Grant was into fat chicks! He really pulled an Inward Budda with that chick!
by What Grant did to her April 22, 2011
The sexual act of finding a Russian foreign exchange student, stripping them down, rubbing them with motor oil, and nailing them on a tool bench. Guarenteed to get you major "props" with all of your friends. Because Russian chicks are smokin.
(Unless they are named Olga)
Grant! Are you kidding me? A Ukranian angle grinder?? You are a god!!
by What Grant did to her April 22, 2011

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