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The Hunger Games, a game for when two players fight to go as far as they can to get with a girl at a social event such as a party or kickback. There are only 2 rules to playing and winnin, With also many acceptions.

1) There must only be 2 players and 1 prize(that being the girl) For if more players were to join there would be too much competition and ruin the game and make the girl feel smother. Also there must be a penalty fouler (that being an unattractive girl who would bring someone down a level.) If The penalty fouler hits on or does any type of action with a player, the player loses a point.
2) In order to win a player must have more points then the other player to win. A player gains points by having successful actions with the prize. If a player goes all the way by having sex with the prize, then that player automatically wins. A player can lose points by only hitting on or been hit on by the penalty fouler.
1)"Dude Im gonna get with her and your not, so let the Hungr Games begin!"
2)"lets play the hungr games tonight, the prize will be Jasmine and the penalty fouler can be Katherine."
3) "Aye bro, I'm a little hungry. So let the hunger Games begin"
by WestJoe64 April 01, 2012

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