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he is "THE MAN". if he and miss lewis's ass got in a fight el suave would beat her down with his giant package. also he will kick clayton's ass and make him smell his 3 week old lepard thong.
El Suave is the man
by Wesley :) February 26, 2004
The toughest gangster to ever walk the earth even if he IS white. All the bitches flock to his cock even clayton.
"I am Wigga Wes"
by Wesley :) November 04, 2003
Only teh 1337157 (-)4x012'5 say Snipey. Meaning Shit or "Oh shoot"
"Holy Snipey Scott sure can sweat bullets"
by Wesley :) October 23, 2003
something that clayton glassman has one inch of.
clayton looooooooooves the cock!!!
by Wesley :) October 23, 2003
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