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British pronunciation of "right."
Roight then, guvner! Never mind the bullocks, eh wot?
by Weinberg Goldstien June 02, 2003
An attempt to reconfigure page setup, or so I'd assume. Term coined by Microsoft Word, when you try to paste a ludicrous amount of pages. (I.E., 4,673)
-Repaginating, Repagination, Repaginator
Word is repaginating the document...
by Weinberg Goldstien May 30, 2003
1.A cube, as in one retaining a cubic shape.
2.A black, polyester Japanese tote bag bearing the aforementioned name.
"I think square is top of cool shape in the world!"

(Square referring to cube, on the Cubic Cube bag.)
by Weinberg Goldstien May 30, 2003
In Halo, to attempt to continue a teleport while another player is standing on the tele pad, despite warnings of "The Teleporter is Blocked"
The player on the teleport is then killed, dubbed a 'Telefrag.'
Taken from Unreal Tournament.
You have been telefragged!
by Weinberg Goldstien May 30, 2003
Botany-A flower, often pussy shaped, involved in the making of several herbal aphrodisiacs. Also, in late season, a potent musk. Usually having white or pink petals and long stems.
What a lovely necrophilia! They sure are blooming early this year. Care for a smell?
by Weinberg Goldstien May 29, 2003

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