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A furious black woman on her menstrual cycle. Like the clashing of two storms, a Darth Maul is more devastating due to the combination. Often spotted in their natural habitat of urban city centers demanding for watermelon milk shakes at Walmart McDonalds`. Often times they believe they can get in shape from using a shake weight. Very capable of inflicting black woman fury upon dumb ass white people, stay away. An infamous combination of black and red.
Shane: "holy shit dude that lady just tore that McDonalds cashier a new Asshole."
John: "yeah bro, I feel like its the phantom menace in here with all these Darth mauls wreaking havoc, especially on the plumbing and the watermelon supply."
#darth mal #star wars #period #black #woman #angry #ghetto #red #blood #menstrual #bloody #pms
by Weezybdurty December 25, 2012
Like a typical film from the 1950s, a 50s film is a black and white film, but it is a black and white porno starring one white girl getting nailed hard by five black guys, (each with names only differing by one to two letters) each with ten inch dicks, adding up to a grand total of 50 inches, hence a "50s film".
Lacresha: " damn girl, i be watchin dat fifties film with tyrone, tyrese, tyjon, dajon and darell bending Elizabeth over a rail, I swear that's more than 50 inches of black Congo boa constrictor"

Latisha: "shit girl you trippin, it has to be 50 inches of dick cause its a fifties film, you ain't ready for a 60s film yet nigga"

Lacresha: "damn"
#50 #tyrone #tyrese #black #white #porno #50`s #film #interracial #snake #group #fifty
by Weezybdurty January 13, 2013
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