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1: to have a cat lodged or stuck inside your wall. Often by the process of slimming themselves down and slipping through the crease or a crack nearby.

People with cats in their wall typically will have Cheetoh fingerprints on the wall. This is due to a sidekick trying to get the person out of a jam.

The best method to recover from the cat in the wall; is to find another cat, tie a string around the neck and put the new cat in the wall. This allows the cats to become friends and boom you are out of a jam.
"Damn I have a cat in the wall again Aaron."
"Don't worry MalGal I'll get you out of this jam, they have been following me around lately; where is the point of entry for this cat in the wall."
by Weekend Wildman's Sidekick December 30, 2009
a girl's pussy that is enriched in pickle flavored juice whether this be intentional or unintentional. Eating this American delicacy will allow one man to be free of cramps.
Fuck yeah Cody dive into my puss pickle, it should help you in your game next week.
by Weekend Wildman's Sidekick January 04, 2010
a stick worth of an adjective.

often used because you are at a lost for a real adjective; speechless

The word originated from a tall bulky white man that may be confused as Drago from Rocky. Created in New Orleans it was established and made public in College Station.
Stop trying to touch my swizzle stick Randy!
by Weekend Wildman's Sidekick December 31, 2009

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