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A variant of stanker. A pungent, deadly, and sometimes carcinigous aroma that rips out of ones anus with deadly velocity. Alerts all to its danger through a noise similar to a fart, but has the potential to cause cartilage damage and/or leaks.
Whoa, did you hear that stank bomb? Better get out quick, this rooms gonna smell like raw ASS!!!
by Webster Strikes Again, BIATCH January 02, 2005
State of being ridiculously intoxicated. Can be cause by man stats, is identical to fabloppered.
Oh man, I got fajibered the other night. I even made out with Creighton's mom! I feel so dirty now, I think I'm going to chop my piece off...
by Webster Strikes Again, BIATCH January 02, 2005
The state of being ridiculously intoxicated. Similar to fajibered. Both slang words derived from the mind of Apostoli, yet need no explanation when used in context. Intoxication can be caused by any matter, including, but not limited to:
Video Games
Oh man, I was fabloppered on New Year's, I even got it on with a tree, it kind of hurt.
by Webster Strikes Again, BIATCH January 02, 2005

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