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URBAN backwards.
by Webster Dictionary October 01, 2003
The Entity Of All That Is Awesome.

Everything that is right with the world is comprised within the being known as "Lyte". All should follow his example and strive to become like him, but few actually possess the mental capacity, discipline, strenght, and good looks to do so.
"Man, I wish I was Lyte."
by Webster Dictionary August 11, 2003
How squares/old people try and say "Fo Shizzle" in attempt to be hip with the young kids and in the know.
"Hey, gnarly dudes....Fasizzle!"
by Webster Dictionary March 06, 2005
gay and short. with buck teeth. and is. a douch (pronounced doosh) has no center of mass and lack of curvature
prameela. union college
by webster dictionary April 20, 2005
verb. complaining for the sake of complaining. Also see whine.
Stop Katchpoling about the weather, you can't change it.
by Webster Dictionary February 04, 2005
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